The Human Powered Vehicle Team was founded in 2017 to create a human powered vehicle (think: a bicycle) for the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge, an intercollegiate competition held every spring. We do all steps of the bicycle design process from initial brainstorming and research, design in SolidWorks, researching and ordering parts, and finally building, testing, and altering the vehicle. 

The HPVT is always welcoming to new members who are excited to commit to a rigorous project for the year. Though the HPVT currently does not have a comp process, ES51 (Intro to Computer Aided Design) is recommended preparation. Experience with building bicycles is also a plus, but by no means required. 

HPVT is a great way to get mechanical engineering project experience and be part of a supportive group of engineers. 

Sound good? Email us at harvardhpvt@gmail.com to learn how you can become a part of our organization.